Our Team

Aibek Yegemberdin

CEO, Founder

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Aamir Jamal

Full Stack Developer

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Vincent Bhang

Front-End Engineer

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Victoria Slocum

Creative Director

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Ben Potter

Technical Lead

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Julie Zhu

UX Lead

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Ben &


Our Mission

We want to help connect people by making it easier to plan hangouts. We want people to spend less time alone and bored and more time having memorable experiences.

Our Timeline

Apr 2018


Jun 2020

 Aug 2020

Hangout Idea Conception

Aibek came up with the idea for Hangout on a day he wanted to play tennis but had no one to play with. He wanted to create something that allowed people with similar interests to connect. 

Initial Concept Validation

Vincent, Ben and Amir joined Aibek and together, they began thinking about an app that could make hanging out easier. 

Joined RIT Accelerator

Aibek, Vincent, Ben and Aamir joined the RIT Accelerator Program in the summer of 2020 and began the sprint towards a product launch. There were many sleepless nights, but their dedication payed off. 

MVP 1.0 Launches!

Team Hangout launched the Hangout app at the end of the Accelerator Program. The app was a framework for what we are expanding upon now, and allowed us to begin user testing.

Sep 2020

Expanding the Team

As we got busier with school again, we decided to add a couple new members to the team. The team of four became a team of six!

MVP 2.0

This is where we are now, working to update our app and begin user testing on the RIT campus. We're so excited to show you what we've been working on!

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