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Our Company Culture

Hangout is more than an app, we are a mindset, a culture. Our team is built on values that we believe are important to represent in our company and our product. Our mission is to spread these values through a community.

We, as a team, want to have fun building what the customers need. Our work is something we enjoy, we're instilling our values into something tangible.

Our Company Values (in a nutshell)

  1. Trust and Accountability

  2. Fun and Playful

  3. Give Value and Empathy to Customers

  4. Diversity and Respect

The Problem

In today's technological world, it is too easy to push off human interaction and replace it with mindless internet browsing. Along with that, its difficult to plan hang outs with friends and new people. There is no solution to make hanging out easier, and there are countless barriers stopping people from meeting.

We want people to have meaning and depth in their life. People need a simple, fast way to be able to meet up, explore the world, and create meaningful connection. We want to eliminate some of the barriers that people face in meeting up with people and discovering new things.

Our team and our media exemplify values of acceptance, connection, and exploration. We want to lead our company by example, and so we make it our priority to be open and personable with each other and our customers. Our company exemplifies diversity and comradery in every interaction.

Our Long Term Vision

The Product

We have a long term vision of being accessible to everyone, everywhere in order to make hanging out the easiest it can be. We want our customers to be able to plan and schedule events as well as find new things to do in their area.

Our eventual product should be easy to start doing, but also be able to be expanded upon to fit various needs, whether that's for the individual, organizations, or businesses. It would be the go-to app to do things, a better alternative to googling "events near me" or "find friends near me."

Our Culture

We want to be able to give back to our community through various ways, but mostly by making it easier for people to live their lives fully and connect to the world around them. We want to change productivity and communication for the better, making it easier for people to discover and hangout.

Our community in the future exemplifies our company values and is friendly and open, adventurous and diverse. As a company, we will always communicate our ideas clearly with each other and the public, and be as transparent as possible.

Customers and Future Employees

We will always value our customers and their feedback on our product. We will show that they are valued by listening to them, being open and responsive, and forming close connections. Our product is built on the foundation of our users, and so it is imperative that we treat them with the utmost importance.

Our future employees must exemplify the core company values both in their person and their work.

For Aibek, being interested in the Hangout mission is important for longer term team members.

For Vincent, the ability to have fun and enjoy work, as well as good communication skills, is important.

For Victoria, people who enjoy learning and are open to new ideas are good candidates.

For Ben, being able to speak up and voice opinions is important.

All these qualities should be considered in potential team members. People will be here for different reasons, but we want to make working with Hangout as enjoyable as possible. As a team, we will work best if we are united and open.


We strongly believe in the importance of diversity. Without it, innovation becomes stagnant. Voicing opinions is important in maintaining the environment of diversity, as is learning and listening to other perspectives.

"We are one of the most diverse teams out there, we learn so much from each other. It can be a challenge sometimes, and it took us some time to learn about each other and how we work in different ways." - Aibek

Our team comes from all over the world, with Aibek from Kazakhstan, Vincent from Korea, Julie from China, Aamir from India, and Ben, Victoria, and Ethan from the East and West coasts of the United States. The diversity in our backgrounds strengthens our team and allows for new ideas to flow. Like Aibek says, I can be difficult when we disagree on something, but without disagreement there is no room for growth. Our differences make us a better team.

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