• Victoria Slocum

Team Hangout is Hanging Out!

Team Hangout has been doing a lot of bonding recently!

Event #1: AIbek's Tennis Match

3 years ago on a perfect tennis-playing day, Aibek contacted all of his friends in an attempt to find a tennis partner. No one was available, and the perfect tennis playing day was wasted. A day later, Aibek met a new friend, and in their conversation, he found out that they were also looking for someone to play tennis with on that same day. If only they had been able to connect, they both would have been able to find a tennis partner for that perfect day.

This created the idea for Hangout, and the journey began. In the last three years, the Hangout team has grown and we have worked hard to further our mission to make hanging out easier. Just a few weeks ago, Aibek was finally able to schedule his long awaited tennis playing session through the Hangout app. Success!

Our app still needs a lot of work, but it does a good job at allowing you to schedule times to meet with your friends. Right now, we're working on making an RIT feed that will allow only RIT students to see public events. More on this in a later post!

Event #2: Nextcorps Hangout

4/5ths of Team Hangout recently met each other in person for the first time! We met at Nextcorps, got some food and toured the facility. The downtown view was beautiful from the rooftop, and we celebrated the end of the accelerator program and talked about our lives. Aamir isn't as tall as we thought he was.

We all enjoy each other's company, and hanging out and getting to know each other better makes it easier for us to work together. We're all very open about our lives and commitments and have regular check-ins to see how everyone is doing. This open communication allows for an easier work environment.

Event #3: Donut Time

We have been using a plugin called Donut through slack recently, and its been an awesome tool to help us connect. It pairs up each member of the company and allows you to schedule a short meeting to check in and get to know each other more.

We believe its important to get to know the people you are working with in order to create an environment of connection and understanding.

Event #4: Company Retreat to Fire Island

Hangout's first company retreat was a blast! This past weekend, Ben, Vincent and Aibek all took a mini vacation to Fire Island in New York. Aibek lost two pairs of prescription glasses into the ocean, so he had a hard time seeing the beautiful views, but they all had so much fun enjoying the sun, water and sand. It's great to be able to work at a company with people you can also have fun and hang out with!

We love getting to know each other and hanging out!!

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